Magewinds Free Rules for Magical Duels

Tempest Crusaders · v1.3.1



This fighter pack contains all the fighter profiles and warband assembly rules you will need to play a standard game of Magewinds.

It is designed to be used with the Into the Tempest scenario pack.

Background On Tempestia they march: the brave, the foolish, and the zealous. Together they form warbands and mount daring excursions into the great storm in search of treasure, glory or answers to the many mysteries of magic.


Fighter Profiles

Name Slots Limit
Cleric 2 1
Deadeye 2 1
Enchanter 2 1
Guardian 2 1
Seer 2 1
Warrior 2 1
Warlock 2 1
Witch 2 1
Wizard 2 1
Acolyte 1 Militia
Militia 1 2
Minion 1 4