Magewinds Free Rules for Magical Duels

Tempest Crusaders · v1.2.0


Universal Abilities

The following abilities are available to all fighters.

Spell - Haste - 1 Spade

Cast this spell when a visible fighter begins a Move action. That fighter’s Movement attribute is increased by 3 for the duration of that action.

Spell - Leap - 1 Spade

Cast this spell when this fighter makes a step move. That fighter may move up to 3” instead of the normal distance of 1”.

Re-deploy this fighter (Core Rules, 20.2) at a visible position and more than 3” from enemy fighters. A fighter cannot make this action if they are carrying an object.

Spell - Energize - 1 Heart, 1 Diamond

This spell can only be cast once per warband in each round.

Cast this spell at the end of your turn. Choose a visible friendly fighter. That fighter recovers an action (Core Rules, 20.3).

Spell Action - Recover - 1 Heart

At the beginning of your next turn (or the end of the action phase) this fighter heals 2 damage (Core Rules, 20.1).

Spell - Barrier - 1+ Clubs

Cast this spell when a visible fighter receives damage. For each point of damage, roll a die. If the result is less than or equal to the number of Clubs spent to cast this spell, that point of damage is negated.