Magewinds Free Rules for Magical Duels

Tempest Crusaders · v1.4.0

Fighter Profiles


Slots Limit
2 1
Toughness Movement
6 5
Armour Deflect Evasion Dodge
1 2 1 3

Melee Attack

Range Light Attack Heavy Attack
1 Power: 3, Precision: 10 Power: 5, Precision: 6

Ability - Insight

In the Channelling Phase, instead of drawing a single card from the top of the face-down deck, you may draw two. Add one to your hand and return the other to the top of the face-down deck.

Spell - Prediction - 1 Diamond

Cast this spell during this fighter’s activation. Choose an enemy fighter and an action. Until the end of the current Action Phase, the first time that fighter begins that action, this fighter recovers an action.

Spell - Third Eye - 1 Diamond, 1 Any

Cast this spell at the beginning of another fighter’s activation. Until the end of the current Action Phase, that fighter has +1 Evasion and +1 Precision on all their attacks. In addition, everything on the battlefield is visible to them.