Magewinds Free Rules for Magical Duels

Tempest Crusaders · v1.2.0


Assembling a Warband

To assemble a warband, repeat the following steps until your warband is full or you do not wish to add any more fighters.

  1. Choose a fighter profile from the list available.
  2. Choose a suitable model to represent a fighter with that profile.
  3. If you wish, give the fighter a name and give names to any unnamed attacks they have.
  4. If you wish, create a reference card for the fighter.

A warband’s size and composition is constrained by slots and limits.


Each fighter takes up a certain number of slots, shown on their profile.

You cannot add a fighter to your warband if it does not have enough empty slots remaining for the fighter to fit.

A warband is full when it has no empty slots remaining.

Warband Sizes

Before assembling warbands, the players must agree on how many slots their warbands should have. Larger warbands make for bigger and longer battles. Here are some suggested values:

Battle Length Time to Play Slots
Quick Battle Up to 40 minutes 6
Standard Battle Up to 1 hour 8
Long Battle Longer than 1 hour 10


Every fighter profile has a limit, showing how many times a fighter with that profile can be included in a warband.

Shared Limits

Some fighter profiles show the name of another profile instead of a number for their limit. This means that they have a shared limit with the other profile.

For example, the Acolyte’s limit says “Militia” instead of giving a number. As the Militia’s limit is 2, the total number of Militia and Acolytes a warband can contain is 2.

For your first game, we suggest assembling an 8-slot warband containing a Warrior, a Wizard, a Cleric, and a Guardian.