Magewinds Free Rules for Magical Duels

Tempest Crusaders · v1.4.0

Fighter Profiles


Slots Limit
2 1
Toughness Movement
6 5
Armour Deflect Evasion Dodge
1 2 1 3

Melee Attack

Range Light Attack Heavy Attack
1 Power: 3, Precision: 10 Power: 6, Precision: 5

Missile Attack Spell - Push - 1 Club

Range Power Precision
5 6 6

This attack does not deal damage. Instead, after any knockback, move the target directly away from this fighter by 1” per point of damage that would have been dealt.

This attack may target moveable objects.

Spell - Heal - 1+ Hearts

Cast this spell at the end of this fighter’s activation. Target a visible fighter within 5”. They heal one point of damage per Heart spent.

Spell Action - Revive - 3 Hearts

Choose a fighter that has been taken out of action. Deploy them within 1” of this fighter. Give them damage equal to half their Toughness (rounding up). If they were taken out of action in the current action phase, give them a single action counter.