Magewinds Free Rules for Magical Duels

Tempest Crusaders · v1.3.1

Fighter Profiles


Slots Limit
2 1
Toughness Movement
6 5
Armour Deflect Evasion Dodge
1 2 1 3

Melee Attack

Range Light Attack Heavy Attack
1 Power: 3, Precision: 10 Power: 6, Precision: 5

Spell - White-Hot Weapons - 1 Diamond

Cast this spell at the beginning of this fighter’s activation. Until the end of the current Action Phase, while a friendly fighter is within 9” and visible, they negate 1 point of their target’s Armour when making a non-magical melee attack.

Spell - Phasewalk - 1 Spade

Cast this spell when a visible fighter moves. That fighter ignores obstacles and enemy fighters while moving until the end of the current action.