Magewinds Free Rules for Magical Duels


Magewinds could not have been made without the help of the following brave adventurers:

Playtesting and Feedback

  • Adam Dixon
  • Banrax
  • Ben (Been) Kidd
  • Elaine Lithgow
  • Greg Skinner
  • James Alone
  • James Leighton
  • JD Beer
  • John (WhamBadger) Gatehouse
  • Mark Thorne
  • Michael Charge
  • Nick Clarke
  • Rakysh
  • Rich Nutter
  • Trappisto


Many, many thanks to Michael Charge, whose regular production chats kept me honest and on-target, and who encouraged me to pick up tabletop game design in the first place.

Thanks a billion to James Alone, for helping with the printable rules and for designing various other graphical assets such as the game’s cool logo.

Thanks also to Michael Blatherwick, who helped me get this site up and running on the hosting platform Vercel.