Magewinds Free Rules for Magical Duels

Into the Tempest · v1.3.0

Treasure Dash

Finders, keepers.

Notes: 2 players. Symmetrical. Requires 5 treasure objects.


The players roll off. The winner is Player 1, and their opponent is Player 2.

Player 1 sets up the terrain on the battlefield.

Player 2 decides which half of the battlefield is which warband’s territory.

The players take turns placing treasure objects, one fragment per turn, starting with Player 2. A treasure may be placed anywhere within 4” of the centre point of the battlefield and 2” or more away from any other treasures. Continue placing treasures until 5 have been placed.


The players take turns setting up their fighters, one fighter per turn, starting with Player 1.

Each fighter must be set up wholly within their warband’s half of the battlefield, 6” or more away from the centre point of the battlefield


The treasures are carriable and moveable objects. A fighter may not carry more than 1 treasure at once. While carrying a treasure, a fighter has -1 Movement.

Each treasure carried by a member of your warband increases your magic card hand limit by 1.

At the end of the third round the warband holding the most treasures is victorious.

In the event of a draw, continue playing until one warband is holding fewer treasures than the other at the end of a turn.