Magewinds Free Rules for Magical Duels

Into the Tempest · v1.3.0

Fragment Frenzy

It’s raining source fragments! Better grab as many as we can, before someone else does…

Notes: 2 players. Symmetrical. Requires 5 fragment markers.


The players roll off. The winner is Player 1, and their opponent is Player 2.

Player 1 sets up the terrain on the battlefield.

Player 2 decides which half of the battlefield (divided along its long edge) is which warband’s territory.


The players take turns setting up their fighters, one fighter per turn, starting with Player 1.

Each fighter must be set up wholly within their warbands territory.


At the beginning of each round, the players take turns placing fragment markers, one fragment per turn, starting with the player who finished deploying first (in the first round) or who finished activating fighters first (in subsequent rounds).

A fragment must be placed within your opponent’s territory with the following constraints:

  • 2”+ away from the battlefield edge
  • 2”+ away from any other fragments
  • 1”+ away from any fighters

Continue placing fragments until 5 have been placed or it is impossible to place another fragment.

During a Move Action, if the path of a fighter’s movement passes over a fragment marker, they may collect the fragment. Remove the fragment from the battlefield. A fighter may not collect more than one fragment per Move Action. Keep a tally of how many fragments your warband has collected.

For every 2 fragments collected by your warband, increase your magic card hand limit by 1.

At the end of the third round the warband that has collected the most fragments is victorious.

In the event of a draw, continue playing until one warband has collected more fragments then the other at the end of a round.