Magewinds Free Rules for Magical Duels

Into the Tempest · v1.3.0

Hold the Line

One warband must break through the defensive line held by another.

Notes: 2 players. Asymmetrical.


The players roll off. The winner is the Attacker, and their opponent is the Defender.

The Attacker sets up the terrain on the battlefield.

The Defender decides which long edge of the battlefield is the objective edge.


The Defender sets up all their fighters wholly within 3” of the objective edge.

The Attacker then sets up all their fighters anywhere in contact with the opposite battlefield edge.


Fighters in the Attacker’s warband have the following Action:

Action - Escape

If this fighter is in contact with the objective edge, they escape the battlefield. Remove them from the battlefield. They do not count as being taken out of action. Hint: You can use your step move to get into contact with the objective edge before triggering the effect of this ability.

Each time a fighter escapes the battlefield, the Attacker adds 1 to their magic card hand limit for the rest of the battle.

The Attacker is victorious if half (rounding up) or more of their fighters escape the battlefield. Otherwise, at the end of the third round, or if it becomes impossible for the Attacker to escape with enough fighters, the Defender is victorious.