Magewinds Free Rules for Magical Duels

Core Rules · v1.1.1

Fighting a Battle

13.0 - Action Phase

In the Action Phase, players take it in turns to activate their fighters and perform actions with them.

The first turn is taken by the player who was first to pass in the Channelling Phase.

On your turn, choose one of your fighters to activate.

During a fighter’s activation that fighter may make one action, chosen from the actions that are available to them.

After a fighter makes an action, give them a single action counter if they do not have an action counter. Give them a double action counter instead if they already have a single action counter.

If you are using double-sided action counters, you may do this by flipping the counter over.

A fighter with a double action counter cannot perform actions and cannot be chosen to activate.

If you have no fighters remaining that can be activated, your turn ends.

13.1 - Step Moves

When performing an action, a fighter may make a step move of up to 1” before the action’s effects are resolved. (See 15.0 – Movement.)

Hint: A step move can be used to get into position before using an attack or ability.

13.2 - Free Actions

When a rule states that an action is free you do not have to place or flip an action counter to use it.

13.3 - Reactions

A reaction is an action with the following special properties:

  1. It has a trigger condition. The reaction can only be used when the trigger condition is met, at which point the controlling player of the fighter to whom the reaction is available may choose to make the reaction.
  2. The step move must occur after the effects of the reaction have been resolved, instead of before.

13.4 - Universal Actions

The Move, Attack, and Guard actions are available to all fighters.

Move Action

This fighter may move as far as their Movement attribute, in inches. (See 15.0 - Movement.)

If this fighter begins this action within 1” of an enemy fighter, they may only move as far as their Movement attribute minus 2.

Do not make a step move as part of this action.

Attack Action

Choose one of the attacks available to this fighter and make an attack (18.0) against a visible (16.0) target (excluding themselves).

Guard Action

Until this fighter’s next activation, or the end of the Action Phase (whichever comes sooner), this fighter’s next Dodge or Deflect reaction (18.4) is free.

13.5 - End of the Action Phase

The Action Phase ends when there are no fighters that can be activated.