Magewinds Free Rules for Magical Duels

Core Rules · v1.1.2

Fighting a Battle

15.0 - Movement

When a fighter moves (as part of a Move Action or in any other circumstances), they may move horizontally in any direction from one position on the battlefield to another.

They do not have to travel in a straight line and may backtrack or loop back on themselves.

You must be able to trace the path the fighter takes from its original position to its new position. The path may not be longer than the distance the fighter is allowed to move. The path is as wide as the fighter’s base.

The fighter may not move through other fighters or objects.

The fighter may move over a low obstacle but may not finish its move on top of one. They may not move over any other kind of obstacle (7.0).

The fighter may not cross the edge of the battlefield (2.0).

When moving a fighter, express your intent to your opponent as to how far the fighter’s new position is from enemy fighters and other important things on the battlefield.