Magewinds Free Rules for Magical Duels

Core Rules · v1.1.2

Fighting a Battle

12.0 - Channelling Phase

In the Channelling Phase, players take turns to draw magic cards from the magic deck. Magic cards are used to cast spells (17.0).

Each spell has a cost, in cards, that must be paid to cast it, so this is your opportunity to plan and prepare the spells you will cast this round!

  • If it is the first round, the first turn is taken by the player who finished deploying all their fighters first.
  • If it is not the first round, the first turn is taken by whichever player finished activating their fighters first in the previous Action Phase.

On your turn, you may do one of the following things:

  • Draw a card from the group of face up cards. Replace it with the card at the top of the face down deck. Flip it so it is also facing up.
  • Draw the card on the top of the face down deck.

Keep the cards you draw next to you on the table or hold them. The cards you have drawn are referred to as your hand. You may hide parts, or all, of your hand from your opponent if you wish. You may lie about what cards are in your hand. You may ask your opponent what they have in their hand, but they are not required to tell you the truth.

On your turn you may choose to pass instead of drawing a card. Once you have passed you may not draw any more cards.

You have a hand limit of 5 cards. On your turn, if you have reached your hand limit, you must pass instead of drawing a card.

The Channelling Phase ends when all players have passed.

12.1 - Empty Deck

If, at any point, the face down part of the magic deck is fully depleted, replace it with the discard pile and shuffle it.