Magewinds Free Rules for Magical Duels

Marching On

Hello! It’s been a while, but I’m finally back. :triumph:

I have just pushed a few updates to the Core Rules (v1.1.0), the Fighters of the Tempest fighter pack (v1.1.0), and the Into the Tempest scenario pack (v1.0.1). Apart from one big addition, these are just small tweaks. Tightening the bolts, as it were, on the rickety contraption that is Magewinds. Changelists have been added so you can see what exactly changed without having to comb through the rules.

The aforementioned big addition is the Seer :eye:, a new fighter type who can:

  1. Predict the future, and gain power from doing so
  2. Give their allies a hefty buff
  3. Strike with deadly precision (because they have good eyesight)

In our playtests, they’ve been a fun little addition to the game. The first of many. I hope you enjoy playing with them!

If you have feedback or questions, the best way to get them to me is Discord (on the official Magewinds Discord server) or on Twitter (by @ing or DMing me, or using the #Magewinds hashtag).