Magewinds Free Rules for Magical Duels

Into the Tempest · v1.3.0

King of the Hill

Two warbands vie for control over a place of power.

Notes: 2 players. Symmetrical.


The players roll off. The winner is Player 1, and their opponent is Player 2.

Player 1 sets up the terrain on the battlefield. They must place an objective marker on the centre of the battlefield. They then set up terrain, and may not place any obstacles within 2” of the objective marker.

Player 2 chooses which half of the battlefield (divided along its long edge) is which warband’s territory.


The players take turns deploying their fighters, one fighter per turn, starting with Player 1.

Each fighter must be deployed wholly within their warband’s territory, at least 6” away from the objective.


Each friendly fighter within 1” of the objective increases your magic card hand limit by 1.

The battle is over at the end of any round if either warband does not have at least one fighter within 3” of the objective.

Otherwise, the battle is over at the end of the third round. The warband with the most fighters within 3” of the objective is victorious.