Magewinds Free Rules for Magical Duels

Core Rules · v1.1.1


4.0 - Fighters

Fighters are represented on the battlefield by fighter models (0.8.1).

4.1 - Fighter Profiles

Every fighter has a fighter profile which defines what they can do in the battle.

A fighter’s profile contains a set of attributes, followed by the fighter’s abilities.

4.2 - Fighter Reference Cards

To avoid battlefield clutter and for quick look up of rules, you may have a reference card for each of your fighters placed beside the battlefield.

You can make these yourself by noting down the fighter’s name, key attributes and abilities on a card.

4.3- Friendly and Enemy Fighters

Two fighters are friendly if they are members of the same warband. A fighter is always friendly to themselves. If they are members of different warbands, they are enemies of each other.

4.4 - Fighters Removed from Battle

A fighter that is not on the battlefield is not part of the battle and may not affect or be affected by the battle in any way.

4.5 - Fighter Attributes

Every fighter has six attributes, listed on their profile:

  • Toughness: This is a measure of how much damage the fighter can take before they are taken out of action.
  • Movement: This indicates how fast the fighter can travel across the battlefield.
  • Armour: This protects the fighter from damage when they get hit. Armour tends to be enchanted, so it works against magical and environmental threats as well as physical harm.
  • Deflect bonus: This is added to the fighter’s Armour when they attempt to block an attack.
  • Evasion: This allows the fighter to avoid being hit at all. A fighter with one or more points of Evasion may be smaller, or nimbler, than the average.
  • Dodge bonus: This is added to the fighter’s Evasion when they attempt to dodge an attack.

Example Attributes

Toughness Movement
6 5
Armour Deflect Evasion Dodge
1 2 0 4