Magewinds Free Rules for Magical Duels

Core Rules · v1.1.2


3.0 - Dice

3.1 - Roll-Offs

When the rules tell you to roll-off against another player, you should each roll a die. The player with the highest result is the winner of the roll-off. (In the event of a draw, roll-off again.)

3.2 - Re-Rolls

Sometimes the rules will tell you to re-roll a die. You cannot re-roll a die more than once.

3.3 - Cocked Dice

Any rolled die that does not land completely flat is cocked. Its result is void and it must be rolled again. (This doesn’t count as a re-roll.)

3.4 - D3 Rolls

When the rules tell you to roll a D3, roll a six-sided die (D6) and divide the result by 2, rounding up.

3.5 - XD6 Rolls

Some rules refer to multiples of D6, for example 2D6, 3D6, and so on. These are xD6 rolls. To make an xD6 roll, roll a number of dice equal to the ‘x’ and add the results together.