Magewinds Free Rules for Magical Duels

Core Rules · v1.1.2

Fighting a Battle

19.0 - Interacting with Objects

19.1 - Carriable Objects

Some objects are carriable.

Any fighter that begins or ends a Move Action (13.4) in contact with a carriable object may pick it up. Remove the object from the battlefield and place it to the side. That fighter is now carrying the object.

A fighter that is carrying an object may drop it at the beginning or end of one of their activations. If they do so, place the object anywhere in contact with them.

When a fighter that is carrying an object is knocked back (18.5.4), they drop it. After moving them, place the object as close to their former position as possible.

When a fighter that is carrying an object is taken down (18.5.3), they drop it. After removing them, place the object at their former position.

19.2 - Moveable Objects

Some objects are moveable. When a special rule says to move such an object, it moves in the same manner as a fighter. It cannot move over obstacles.