Magewinds Free Rules for Magical Duels

Meet the Enchanter

“I let them believe otherwise, but really this warband wouldn’t last five minutes without me…”

In our final Meet the Fighters article1, it’s the Enchanter’s time to shine.


Enchanters are ubiquitous on the Continent. Wherever the magewinds blow, Enchanters ply their craft. Swords are kept sharp, knots are kept tied, coats are water-proofed and armour is made resistant to magical damage all by the power of enchantment – the binding of magic spells into mundane objects.

In the particularly dangerous region of Tempestia, it is very likely that every single piece of equipment a fighter carries has been worked upon by an Enchanter. Only a fool would venture into the Tempest without an aetheric shield, a symbolic compass and a self-drying towel – items only an Enchanter can provide. For a price.

It is uncommon, but some Enchanters practice their art even on the battlefield. There they augment their allies’ weapons, allow them to walk through walls, and are a force to be reckoned with themselves.


Enchanters fall into two categories: practical, and fancy. The former wear aprons, carry tools and have little time for ostentatious ornamentation. The latter… well, see above.


The Enchanter gives your warband access to two very useful abilities: Armour-piercing attacks, and walking through walls. As such, they’re kind of a support/technical piece, but like most fighters they can make themselves useful in melee as well.

I won’t go into their attributes and their melee attack – they’re what you’re used to seeing at this point.

White-Hot Weapons, cast at the beginning of the Enchanter’s activation for a measly 1 Diamond, gives Armour-piercing attacks to all visible friendly fighters within a wide radius. This makes a huge difference! Suddenly Light Attacks become more damaging – able to damage even if the target Deflects (in most cases). Note that the Enchanter can make use of the spell’s effect themselves.

Phasewalk, for a Spade, allows its target to move through enemy fighters and obstacles, including when making a step move.


Enchanters are an easy-to-use force-multiplier for your warband. Good to have!

Thanks for reading along with this series of articles. I’m not sure what will be posted next as it’s time for me to knuckle down and get to work on some updates for the game. If you’re interested in following the development of those updates more closely, or even getting involved in testing them, please join our Discord server.

  1. For now, at least. Many more fighter types are planned, and each shall get their own article when they arrive.