Magewinds Free Rules for Magical Duels

Core Rules · v1.1.2


6.0 - Attacks

A fighter profile may show one or more attacks. Every attack has a profile of its own.

Attacking will be explained later (18.0). For now, here is an overview of what the different parts of an attack’s profile mean.

An attack profile’s title will state what type of attack it is: Melee or Missile. Certain rules only affect melee attacks while others only affect missile attacks. The title may or may not also contain a special name for the attack.

An attack’s profile displays 3 attributes:

  • Range: How far the attack can reach. Range can be represented in two different ways:
    • As a single number. This number is the attack’s Maximum Range, and its Minimum Range is 0.
    • As two numbers, with a dash in between. The number on the left is the attack’s Minimum Range, and its Maximum Range is the number on the right.
  • Power: How strong the attack is, representing a combination of brute force and frequency of strikes.
  • Precision: How accurate the attack is. Without precision, power is pointless.

Some attacks have a split profile, with two separate sets of Power and Precision attributes to use when making a Light Attack or a Heavy Attack.

Some attacks may have additional special rules which must be followed when using them. These will be shown directly below the attack’s attributes.

Example Melee Attack

Range Light Attack Heavy Attack
1 Power 3, Precision 9 Power 6, Precision 4

This is also an example of an attack that has a split profile.

Example Missile Attack

Range Power Precision
2 - 12 4 4

This is also an example of an attack with a non-zero Minimum Range.