Magewinds Free Rules for Magical Duels

Core Rules · v1.1.1

Fighting a Battle

10.0 - Battle Setup

There are 5 stages to setting up a battle:

  1. Choose scenario
  2. Assemble warbands
  3. Set up the battlefield
  4. Set up the magic deck
  5. Deployment

Depending on player choice and the scenario pack being used, the choose scenario step may happen after the assemble warbands step.

10.1 - Choose Scenario

A scenario must be picked from the scenario pack.

10.2 - Assemble Warbands

You and your opponent must choose the fighters you will each bring to the battle. The fighter pack will specify how to put together a warband.

10.3 - Set Up The Battlefield

The scenario will specify who – and, sometimes, howterrain features (7.0) should be placed on the battlefield.

When setting up terrain features, no part of the battlefield should be cut off from the rest of the battlefield.

Ideally there should be a few available paths from area to area. Depending on what kind of battle is desired there should be more or fewer obstacles to hide behind and impede movement. This is up to the players to decide.

When setting up terrain features, the players should agree about which bits of terrain are part of the ground and which are low, medium, and high obstacles.

The scenario may also state how to set up special objects or markers on the battlefield.

10.4 - Set Up the Magic Deck

Shuffle the magic deck (0.9). Place it face down next to the battlefield. Draw 5 cards from the top of the deck and place them face up next to the deck.

10.5 - Deployment

The players now place their fighters on the battlefield, following the scenario’s deployment rules.