Magewinds Free Rules for Magical Duels

Meet the Acolyte

“Devotion, above all else.”

Who are the mysterious figures walking in the shadows of great magi?


Channelling magic from the winds is not easy, nor is it without risk. It takes its toll on the body and mind of the channeller. If handled carelessly, it can kill – or worse.

Sharing the magical load, then, can be wise. Magi can work as a group to channel and spread the danger across themselves, dividing it (but never eliminating it).

Enter the Acolytes. Apprentices, followers and cultists, they devote themselves to channelling magic for the benefit of others, allowing their allies to cast greater spells, or more of them.


Acolytes generally want to blend into the background, taking care not to draw the enemy’s attention away from their more lavishly-dressed superiors. As such they tend to wear simple garb such as hooded, plainly-coloured cloaks and, sometimes, masks.

That is not to say that an Acolyte can’t dress bombastically – some very much do. After all, how can a dazzlingly-befitted mage make a strong impression if their followers are wearing nothing but grey cloth?


Acolyte Fighter Profile

Each Acolyte included in your warband (up to the limit of 2) increases your hand limit (the number of cards you may use to cast spells with) by 1. In battle being able to draw up to 7 cards makes for quite a strong advantage, enabling your difficult-to-cast spells and making it easier to deny your opponent’s.

Unfortunately, the price you pay for this advantage is that Acolytes are very weak and easily killed. At least they’re able to engage at a distance, projecting a little damage with their Spark spell attack.


Acolytes may not be able to put up much of a fight, but they serve a vital purpose in any magic-wielding warband, aiding their superiors in the channelling of magic.

Next week, we enter the final straight of the current Meet the Fighters run. It’s time to introduce the enrapturing Witch.