Magewinds Free Rules for Magical Duels


Welcome to Tempestia.

It is said that Tempestia is where the source of all magic was located, safe in the heartlands of the Ancient Empire.

When the source was shattered, the storm of magic that broke out and ravaged the Continent was most violent here. Indeed, this is one of the few places that the Tempest rages still.

An uncertain length of time has passed since the Empire fell. Now the region attracts to it all manner of adventurers, willing to brave the ongoing storm for riches, glory or ideology…

Magewinds is about those people.

Magewinds is a small-scale miniature-agnostic skirmish wargame in which you will lead a warband of fighters into the perilous Tempest, there to do battle with enemy warbands with unique magic and combat systems.

Will you master the Winds of Magic and lead your fighters to victory? Or will they join the countless ranks of those who have been lost in the storm?

If this sounds like your kind of thing, grab your miniatures, dice and measuring tools and head over to the rules section of this very website! There you will find everything you need to embark on your journeys across Tempestia and beyond.

May the Winds be ever in your favour!